Tyre Specialists in Hervey Bay

Nobody can go rock bottom like Rock Bottom Tyres can.

Rock Bottom Tyres

We offer a one stop shop with pick up and delivery service in the local area. We offer tyres, brakes, suspensions and mechanical repairs. If you need a car detail we can arrange that for you.


Rock Bottom Tyres specialise in new and used mag wheels and tyres. We have a large range of wheels and tyres on display. We offer services for all aspects of tyres from the small wheel barrow to the big Earth Moving tyres.


We offer Low, super Low, Raised, Extra leaf or two in your springs, shock absorbers, struts, rack ends, tie rod ends steering racks, all bushes, ball joints to name a few. We can check over your vehicle and tell you what you need fixed before you get your roadworthy.


A log book service is great for owners of new vehicles and those covered by a new car manufacturer's warranty. The log book will also give you a indication on how long the service should take.




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